Ara 25, 2020 BETVOLE GİRİŞ

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Beşiktaş coach Sergen Yalçın made evaluations after the match they beat Erzurumspor 4-0. Here are the highlights of Sergen Yalçın’s statements:

“We are the team that scored the most goals, but we are also one of the ones to score the most. We throw but we also eat. One side is fine but the other side does not make us happy. It is more pleasing to win without a goal. The beginning of the match was difficult. We played against a team that was very hard on defense. They waited with 11 people. The guys tried to get over him, but it didn’t happen in the first episode. We played idle and away. It wasn’t the game we wanted, but it was in our control. In the second half, I talked to the players inside, about how to be. After finding the goal, the game is fully unlocked. When the opponent takes a risk and comes forward… ”

” It is not easy to play round-trip. We have very fast players ahead. There are also players who will make those passes. The second half was what we wanted. I am satisfied with the game in the second half. We mature the game. We rule. Sometimes we wait, sometimes we increase the tempo. Domagoj Vida scored an interesting goal. He scored with his own skill. Vida has those features. It will score such goals. Player of Croatia who played the World Cup final. It’s not the actor to be discussed, but it’s one thing to discuss the actor, another to discuss his performance. If it does not give the performance you expect, every player will be discussed. The name is not played on paper. We are also discussed as coaches. Football has its facts. We have to face it. ”

” We are satisfied with the game played, the score and the position we are in. I wish we celebrate these wins with them even though we have fans. We have been playing without an audience since we took office. No, there is no atmosphere when there is no audience. It would be a completely different game if we played with the fans. It’s hard to manage like this. It’s hard for everyone in the pandemic. Why was it not thrown? How curious you were about me not being kicked out. I’ve been kicked before. How do you decide that I will be kicked out? We discuss and protest at a level with the fourth referee from the side. I’m not swearing, I’m not insulting, why should I jump? Why are you trying to force it out? You do not know what is on the sidelines, you are talking on TV. Will you be relieved when I’m thrown, will your head reach the sky? We live in troubled, high tension matches. I can be thrown too, this is inherent in what we do. You are persistently trying to make a perception on TV. “I will not be kicked out, the scale of my objection will always be respectful.”


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