Ara 30, 2020 BETVOLE GİRİŞ

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Trabzonspor, which set out to win the championship, which he missed by a narrow margin, could not find what he wanted in the past 15 weeks. The burgundy-blue people who parted the roads with Eddie Newton and looked for an exit with Abdullah Avcı remained behind the summit.

According to the information obtained, Avcı thinks that the first reason for this is the lack of staff. Except for Muhammet Taha, who was taken as the 3rd goalkeeper this season and Trondsen, who was seriously injured, the technical team, who transferred 8 players in burgundy-blue, sees the new ones other than Lewis Baker, Vitor Hugo and Flavio inadequate. Avcı especially wants to reinforce the midfield and the center.

On the other hand, good news came from Abdülkadir Ömür during the isolation process. The last sample of the young football player, who had a positive corona virus test before, turned negative. Abdülkadir, who was approved in line with the TFF protocols, also took part in yesterday’s training. If he is found sufficient, he will be included in the Karagümrük match squad.


Humorous response to claims of separation from Pereira


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